Tips to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Lip Gloss

Don't worry about drying and cracked lips when you are using lip gloss, it keeps the lip moisturized all day. It makes one's lips look fuller than they are because of their nature of absorbing light and reflecting light. Mostly they help seal in moisture found on the skin of your lip for the time being. Lip glosses attract the attention of the eye immediately to the lips because of their eye-catchiness. Madiilu cosmetics has Nude lip gloss collections of Hazelnut, unforgettable, Caramel kisses, latte, Decadent which is lightweight high shine gloss and suitable for any shade complexion and many more. They provide moisturization, hydration, and revitalization for a while, they are vegan and cruelty-free. They condition the lips in a way that prevent them from drying in harsh weather conditions and also gives colour to the lips. They are essential glosses that give your lips a killer outlook for your date with your boyfriend, or dance party with your friends. The glosses can be worn without makeup or a daily routine look. The best lip gloss colour helps improve a person’s appearance. This is why it is essential to put more consideration when selecting lip gloss. Be sure to consider the following:

  • Do you want a lip gloss that will be applied after every few hours? Or you want one that will keep you glamorous and appealing the whole day with minimal or without the need of re-touch.
  • The lip gloss colour should compliment the hues in the skin because it should enhance it not deviating from one’s lip colour. So, know what you are looking for before you get pissed off by trying a lot of your favourite lip glosses that do not go well with your complexion. It is not just foundation and concealers that we need to match but also glosses. Fair complexions are suitable with pinky tones, darker complexion suit caramel and so on. Try to balance out the lip colour.
  • When choosing a lip gloss, try to look at your preference on applicators. Are you comfortable with a stick or brush applicator? Or you find some just messy. Ease of application with applicators should be considered.

  • Try the lip gloss on before purchasing it, use the test brush or cotton swab to apply the gloss to your lip. The tip of your fingers is almost the same as your lips, or use the lower lip only to see how far it will be with the colour of your upper lip.
  • It will look so overwhelming to wear the same lip gloss colour with the colour of the dress you will wear, have several lip glosses to choose from for different occasions. This will avoid some colour mismatch disasters. Another pointer is, go for dramatic lips or eyes, choose one, not both. And cruelty free lash serum from Madiilu cosmetics can give moisturizing support for fuller lashes and eyebrows. You will look sophisticated.
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